And it’s Away!

The first “Sylvan Investigations” novella, that is.


This is the first of the Kickstarted novellas, following after DRAGON JUSTICE, spinning off half-faun PI Danny Hendrickson into his own series.

Sylvan Investigations_MilesToGo_final


We sent the file off to backers last week, and I’ve…well, been a little on edge, ever since.  I got one “I loved it!” from someone I saw at Lunacon (bless her, I may have made her repeat it *g*), and the rest has been…silence.

Probably, I know, that’s because they haven’t had a chance to read it yet.  Or they’re not the sort to gush.  Or…they hated it.  Ack.

*does NOT hide under the bed, damn it*

Note: this is not me looking for reassurances.  Okay, maybe it it.  But it’s okay. ;-) 

I’m really hoping they like it.  I’m really hoping they’re looking forward to the next installment (PROMISES TO KEEP, currently in production).  I’m really hoping they like them both enough that I get to write the 3rd novella, which in my head is called SOME MISTAKE…

Whatever happens, though, this was – and is – one of the more enjoyable Publishing Aventures I’ve had, working with my very own team of stalwart freelancers and lunatics.  The fact that none of them throttled me may be a small miracle.  :-)




(and yes, the novellas will be available to the open market this winter, so if you missed the Kickstarter, you’ll get a second chance)


3 thoughts on “And it’s Away!”

  1. I haven’t commented because I haven’t gotten to it yet. What you didn’t see what my in-chair-happy-dance as I saw the email come in (then I immediately downloaded it).

    I’m still peeved over some of the events in Dragon Justice (which I’m sure had given you some evil-writer-creator type laughs as you wrote it).

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