Truth. Fiction. Weird Intersections.

For Gin&Tonic #3, I needed to name a puppy in the outline. The name I chose was Parsifal. No, I have no idea why I chose that name, except it seemed ‘right.’

Fast forward months later, when I’m writing the actual scene wherein the puppy is found. I have the main character checking out what the owner of the house is reading. A Ludlum title, I think. The missing person seems like a Ludlum reader. So… not a Bourne title, something else, less obvious.

I go to Ludlum’s bibliography, and halfway down the list, I see this:

The Parsifal Mosaic (1982)

Okay, you can’t make this shit up and get away with it. But so help me, it’s true. I named a dog for the book his owner was reading, before I even knew the owner had been reading it. :-)

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