weekend recap, mostly in photos.

Saturday I took off for one of the AlternOffices, and honestly, It was like having flashbacks to working my senior thesis, back in college…. (except fewer frisbees going overhead)
That, because odds are maybe one person reading here will recognize it, is the southward view of Isham Park in Manhattan, what one fellow sun-soaker referred to as “the best spot in Manhattan.”  I don’t know that I’d totally agree with that, but it’s got to be in the top 5.  And all the better because the folk who live below 125th street aren’t going to suddenly show up and ruin it.

(there is an entire population that thinks NYC ends at 125th street.  And a large subgroup of that convinced there’s nothing but wolves and suburbanites above 96th st.  We laugh at them.  A lot.)

And as though to reward me for doing several hours of significant research, when I walked back into the park to meet a friend for lunch, there was an Urban Animals festival going on, complete with some injury-rehab animals doing ambassador- duty.

Porcupines, for the record, are cuddy, and somewhat pungent.  Skunks are badass and adorable.  Owls have no patience with your daylight hikinks, and the red-tailed hawk thinks your nose looks like a mouse. Sirs Turtles-not-Appearing-in-These-Photos really just wanted to be left alone.

And Sunday?  Today I was good, and worked.  Mostly.  :-)

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