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Off to the Rainforest Retreat tomorrow – I’ve been signed up the past two years, but other stuff caused me to cancel out.  Knock wood and no phone calls come, I’ll be on the road in the AM, and come back from the five days with All The Words Written.  Or at least, enough to get me back on schedule.

And, despite a lingering weight of ‘why bother, you’re not doing anything special’ that’s been dogging me for the past few weeks (ok, months), I WILL be writing All The Words.  Because on a day that was pretty bad, I got an email.

I won’t tell you what it said – that’s their call to make, not mine, but when somebody  read something that you wrote and was changed by it or inspired by it enough that they felt the need to tell you….?

 It’s a reminder that what we do matters, and that you don’t know who it’s going to matter to or when it’s going to matter to them. You’ve just put the words out on the paper boat and sent it out to the world and you don’t know and you may never know – and sometimes then just sometimes you get to know.
And I’m not ashamed to admit that those moments make me cry.  And pick up the pen, no matter how heavy it may feel just then, and get back to it.

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