Updates! and Covers! for THE DEVIL’S WEST

I’d been planning on waiting until closer to the new release date, but then Amazon put up the (not-quite-final) cover for THE COLD EYE and whoops!

So.  Those of you who are on the ball have noted that the publication date for THE COLD EYE was moved from October 2016 to January 2017.  This was the publisher’s decision, for reasons publisher-y.  Hopefully, y’all can make it another three months….

( I’m pretty confident you can.  Me, on the other hand… I’ll be dead.).

The trade paperback edition of SILVER ON THE ROAD will still be out in October, though!  So there’s plenty of time to hook your friends on the series before book 2 comes out.  And I’m told trade paperbacks make excellent holiday presents.  In-budget, and so easy to wrap!

And now, without further ado, the (probably but not absolutely) final covers for both the trade edition of SILVER ON THE ROAD, and the hardcover edition of THE COLD EYE!  They’re not only gorgeous, they help tell the story…

Silver on the Road PBCold Eye revised cover2




  art by John Jude Palencar

art direction by
Matthew Kalamidas (Silver)
Michael McCartney
(Cold Eye)



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  1. I DID get a notice from Amazon about my preorder date changing. I cringed to ask you what was going on with that…

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