Tuesday Like Monday for Purposes of To Do…

Yesterday, despite a bad start, was crazy-productive.  Which meant I fell over with no brain by 7pm, but that was okay.  Now, if I can just repeat that crazy-productive stance for four more days, everything will be copacetic.  I will also be dead, but hey, can’t have everything, right?

So.  The state of the to-dos…

Carry-over from last week:

– fiddle more with ebook production (and possibly throw in the towel and call for help)
– work on “A Town Called Flood” and send it out already! (anyone want a weirdish west story?)
– try to get somewhere with the two Practical Meerkat essays I have in my head

New Stuff:

– Finish the red-line of Portals #1 (130 pages to go!)
– Send out the surveys for Kickstarter patrons
– new freelance work [2 freelance clients, 1 short story, 1 novel]
– harass Mr. Eggleton about the art for said Kickstarter project
– put together notes for possible joint project with RC
– get inactive stories out into the submission flow
– get rooms for WorldCon and World Fantasy
– harass inquire as to the status of proofreaders for the bonus stories
– make various forthcoming travel arrangements

It’s a lot of stuff, but somehow I don’t feel as stressed as I did yesterday.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad…

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