That Was Not The Day You Were Looking For…

So yesterday I set up my to-do list, and I settle in with my cup of coffee #1, and I lift the lid of the trusty workhorse laptop (whose name is Archie to Nero-the-cranky-desktop), and…

The screen displayed not the usual “okay boss, hopping to it!” energy, but the unending beachball of doom-about-to-fall.

And sure enough, soon after that: everything froze.

Not having time, patience, or any other valuable commodity to spare, I finally did the only thing I could do: a hard reboot.

And got the Grey Screen of UnBooting.

We’ll cut the begging, pleading and attempts to fix it myself using all the helpdesk things that never work.  I got a Genius Bar appointment at 2pm.

…Four Hours Later….

It took TWO geniuses to fix things (the second was named Lex.  I can has an Evil Genius?  I can!),  but at 6pm I was on my way back home with a new hard drive, and the promise that yes, it was all working now, all I had to do HONEST was plug it back into my Time Machine/Time Capsule, and everything would be restored.  Really.  Trust us*.

Having a hard drive fail, when you’re mid-book, and being told “yeah, it happens” does not make one feel inspired to trust.  I’m just saying.

I want to give kudos to my geniuses, though.  They were dealing with a writer on deadline, whose writing machine had just failed under her fingertips, who had stormed into their bar on a quivering high of coffee and not a hell of a lot else (me to a friend, via text: “oh crap, I haven’t eaten anything today.  It’s 5pm.  I’m about to go into meltdown”) and kept me from utterly losing it, even when reinstall after reinstall failed.

Anyway: if you haven’t backed your shit up today, whatever your shit may be?  Take a moment.  Do it.  Trust me.  Full system backup.  Every. Damn. Day.

And now, I need to finish this coffee, open up my (restored!  Up-to-date!) files, and get the hell back to work.


*edited to add: they were right

6 thoughts on “That Was Not The Day You Were Looking For…”

  1. Oh god, I really need to start doing daily backups again. Because…yeah. AUGH.

    I’m glad the geniuses fixed things and got you up and running again!

  2. Glad your backups were working properly, time-machine is great.

    You may want to consider using Dropbox though. It shows up as a folder on your drive, like any other folder, except that it is automatically synced to the internet, and replicated to any other computers you have Dropbox installed on.

    A free account has more than enough space for text-based files.

  3. I tried Dropbox. After they changed their ToS without warning, I decided that I’d rather be the only one in control of my data. Ditto other “storage companies.” Cloud storage is great -until the company goes bankrupt, they decide to try monetizing their content (us) or there’s a dispute over payment due to the inevitable bureaucratic screwup. Since this is my job/career, I tend to the cautious side.

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