Three days left to get in on the Investigations!

The Sylvan Investigations, that is.  We’re in the final days and still a bit short of the goal

Literally, only a bit short.  As in, under $700.  With a little under three days to go…

And yeah, I’ve finished fleshing out the outline, and have written the first scene.  Because once I start thinking about Danny and Ellen’s voices, I can’t not.  It’s like the best kind of sickness…

So, if you enjoyed the urban fantasy of the Cosa Nostradamus, this is how to keep it alive. Also, the opportunity to dedicate the books to yourself (or a loved one) is still available as a backer bonus!

(also, t-shirts.  And cookies!)

and for those of you who missed the first novellas, a reminder of where you can find them:
DRM-free digital (or with DRM from Amazon, B&N or Kobo),
the omnibus print edition

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