Addendum before the fact for The Devil’s West…

For them curious about the new book deal announced on Friday, there are two stories already bought-and-paid-for in this universe, although they are not connected directly with most of the characters in the novels.

First, there’s “Crossroads.”  You can find that here, via Fantasy Magazine (there’s also a podcast option there).  You can also pick it up in 2012’s Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, edited by Paula Guran.

Oh look, and here’s an interview they did with me, somewhat about that…

For me, the lone lawman facing down outlaws at noon reminded me of the western film “High Noon.” What are your favorite westerns?

I’m actually not a huge fan of Westerns; I’d get distracted watching the horses, not the actors (this happens whenever there are horses on-screen, actually). I saw Unforgiven and Silverado a bunch of times, and does Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid count as a Western? What I love is reading nonfiction about the American West and other frontiers; the sort of mentality it took to abandon everything known and to then deal with what you found past the known, especially when it didn’t match with what you had been expecting/told to believe. Every sort of personality comes out to play, when you get beyond “civilization.” And then, to see what sort of civilization they recreate, in their own image …

Second, there’s “The Devil’s Jack,” which you’ll find in DEAD MAN’S HAND, coming in May 2014.
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(note: if you buy via the Indiebound click, that kicks back a few pennies to me, that goes into the year-end food bank donation fund.  Just FYI)

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