This Thing I Do…

I’m careful about where I give my charity money. I do my research, I look at the percentage of money that actually goes to the work versus the administration (I’m looking at you, so-called cancer cure charities), and their overall actual impact.

And one of the charities I give to regularly is my local food bank.

This year in the United States, with the Shutdown and the cuts, even more people are relying on food banks. Possibly people we know, people we live near, work with, go to school with.

I’m not going to insist that everyone here to go make a donation. You can’t coerce charity – well, you can, but guilt only goes so far.

A carrot, on the other hand…..

So here’s this year’s deal. If I get 10 people to send in a screen shot of a donation made to their local food bank/soup kitchen/whatever, either in cash or kind of no less than $10 (or 10 of your local currency), I will post an original short story to my site.

If I get more than 25 people to do it, it’s a novella.

Your deadline is the US Thanksgiving (November 28th).
[send the screen shot to]

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