The Official Annual Holiday Bookplate Offer!

Tis the Season, which means it’s time for the annual Holiday Bookplate Offer!

Books are easy to wrap, fun to give, and support the authorial ecosystem!  And for the low, low cost of an email, you can get a personalized bookplate (or set of them), complete with holiday doodle!  when gifting one of my books – or you can keep ’em for yourself!

That’s right!  For the effort of sending an email!  you can get a bookplate signed to the person of your choosing, with the wish you wish for them (within federal, state, and size restrictions).

There.  Your entire gift-giving list, sorted.  :-)

(if you want an actual book signed, we can work out shipping details, but delivery is not guaranteed before December 25th)



Offer valid until January 10th, 2019.  Please mark your header “Offer 2018” to ensure it’s seen in a timely manner.


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