New Year, Same Trips to the Vet…

Due to recent Digestive Incidents, Boomer the Geriatric Cat got to visit with Uncle Vet again today. They all commented on how long it’s been since they’ve seen him, which is a very good thing (for a while we were monthly visitors).
We are pleased to say that he’s put on some weight, clocking in at a totally respectable 15.5 pounds (for newcomers, he earned his nom d’ Internet “Cat of Size” by being over 20 pounds for most of his adult life, almost all of it muscle and bone, but then dropped down to nearly 13 pounds when the cancer hit. Fifteen pounds, for his frame, is good-healthy).
They’re running his yearly (OMFG expensive) geriatric screen, plus a few other tests to rule out anything New And Unpleasant. Hopefully, as Dr. B suggested, this is just the IBD lifting its head and reminding us all it’s still there. But we may have to shift his protein again. Beef, chicken and fish are already ruled out, rabbit may end up in the no-chow zone…so that leaves us with duck, and if that doesn’t work, possibly a synthetic protein.
Very Blade Runnerish, no? And so timely…

But still and all, he’s not doing badly for a 16 year old cat who has diabetes, IBD, thyroid disease, and oh yeah, is a cancer survivor.
  Whatever we’re doing, it’s still working.
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