There is no such thing as a painless copyedit, only ones where you don’t mind bleeding.


Pending my secondary research backup getting back to me with feedback on the Latin, and with the knowledge that I’ll need to go over it one more time to make sure certain capitalizations and usages are consistent throughout….

Copyedits for SILVER ON THE ROAD are deflagged and done. All 452 pages of ’em.

the dragon at the end of the tunnel

My brain may be a grey leaky mess at this point. Please don’t ask me anything more complicated than “would you     like some chocolate?”

However, I fond myself thinking “yeah, I done good here.”  This is damned rare among hypercritical writer-types,     where “well, it don’t suck” is the much more common high praise: take note.

(of course, now the pressure to go back to the draft of #2 and make it EVEN BETTER may become paralyzing….)

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