There’s Got to Be A Morning After….

Yesterday, I put the final touches on the revisions for SOUL OF FIRE, and sent it off to madame editrix. The next time I see the book, we’ll be in copyedits, and then page proofs, and then a finished book. So it’s not dusted, but yeah… it’s done.

And that means my ten year, twelve-book relationship with Harlequin has also come to – well, a pause, if not an end. HEART OF BRIAR and SOUL OF FIRE will be the last books from Luna for me. The next fantasy book I want to write isn’t one they thought would be right for their list, and I really didn’t want to put this one aside for another year or more.

So we’ll see what we see.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on the 3rd Gin & Tonic mystery for Simon & Schuster, and putting “Promises to Keep” into production for the Kickstarter backers, and there’s half a dozen other non-novel projects, as well as That Book I Want to Write. Which is good, because the morning after you hit a deadline, there’s this sense of panic – but what do I do NOW? I mean, after you catch up on all the old tv episodes you’ve been meaning to stream on Netflix, and sleeping all the sleep…

Life goes on. The work goes on. Being bored is, thankfully, not an option.

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