A story sale, and a story behind it…

So, a long while back (two years, more or less) I had a story out on submission. And an editor said “I like this, I want to buy it. But… we haven’t signed the contract for the anthology I want to buy it for yet so can I hold onto it for a while?”

And I – respecting and trusting the editor – said yes.

(okay, there was more negotiation than that, and a ‘pending contract’ and whatnot, but basically I said ‘yeah, you can have it for whenever you can publish it.’  Because you do that for editors you like and respect, and think would be a good match for the story.)

That trust paid off, ’cause today the anthology was Officially Announced.


“Titan Books announced today that next spring it will publish Dead Man’s Hand: An Anthology of the Weird West (May 2014, Trade Paperback), an exclusive “weird western” anthology, edited by John Joseph Adams, that will include stories from many of today’s most talented authors, some new to the genre and others well-known to readers.”

And me!  And my story “The Devil’s Jack.”


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