the shameless bird gets the damn worms…

It’s That Time again! Wherein I remind you, oh faithful (and patient) followers, that
a) SILVER ON THE ROAD is currently $1.99 on Kindle, Nook and Kobo! (not sure how long the sale will last, but assume Not Much Longer)
b) THE COLD EYE is out in (eeek) THREE DAYS. Hardcover and ebook.
c) I will be signing copies at the following stores, and you can pre-order personalized copies at any of them:
University Bookstore, Seattle
Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego
Borderlands Books, San Francisco
B&N Silverdale @ the Kipsap Mall (WA)
Third Place Books (Seattle)
d) If you want a signature for any books in the Devil’s West series, but get your books elsewhere, I will send bookplates out. You just have to give me an address.  (if you want to buy me a cup of coffee via ko-fi in exchange, that’s lovely but not required)

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