the joys of biking….

There are people who use a bicycle for fun, people who bike for exercise, and people who bike for transport. I am – for the most part – in the last category, with the second category being an unexpected but appreciated bonus, and the first requiring some sort of destination (which brings it back to the third category) rather than a random ride to nowhere simply to be on the bike.

However, there is a pleasure I’ve recently discovered that may fall entirely in the first category: that of biking past the great blue heron who has taken up residence along the river, and saying good morning to them. Or being able to slow down and watch as a river otter swims across said river. Or, as happened this morning, looking up and seeing a bald eagle cruising for salmon, close enough to see details on their tailfeathers.

You miss this, in a car. You miss this if you’re jogging, headphones on and eyes on the trail, or zipping along on a racing bike, head down and time sprints in mind. But the combination of slow riding and keeping your eyes open…

But I really need to start carrying my (*^*&P camera with me.

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