Practical Meerkat Rides Again! (52 essays, no waiting)

As many of you know, last year I set myself the insane challenge of writing an advice column for writers, basically all the shit I learned the hard way, once a week for the entire year. We called it “Practical Meerkat’s 52 Bits of Useful Advice for New (and Old) Writers,” and it ran on the BookView Cafe blog.

And the response was so good, the folk at BVC said “and so, nu, an ebook, for folk who want all that useful info and snark in one place?”

And I, feeling reckless, said “oh what the hell.”

And so, today, it is A Thing. For you, or the writer you care about/want to keep functionally sane.


oh, and while you’ve got your credit card out? Guy named Myke Cole has the first of a military fantasy series out today: Shadow Ops: Control Point. I’ve read it. Liked it. This ain’t your grandaddy’s Mil-Fic. Give it a try.  Tell ’em the meerkat sent ya.

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