That was the Weekend That Was (sort of lost in a fog of words)

And with the push of the send tab, SOUL OF FIRE (Portals #2) is off to Madame Editrix.  It will come back to me for dire revisions, as she points out all the mis-builds I was too in-the-guts to see, but right now I’m feeling pretty good about the book, and the duology overall.  You’ll get to see the results in August (Heart of Briar) and October (Soul of Fire) 2013.

Having hit send, I then tried to figure out how many words I’ve written (novels and short stories, but not including multiple rewrites of same) in 2012. I’d say 350,00-ish, best guesstimate.  No wonder my brain now feels like a slice of processed cheese food.  Worse: if I do as planned in December, it will hit over 400,000.

I may have done more the year I was writing one Vineart book and two Cosa Nostradamus novels, plus short fiction, but considering that was the year Madame Agent said “don’t do that again….”

Anyway.  On to happier thoughts! Ebookses! That you can buy!

DRAGON VIRUS is now available at Amazon and B&N, for those of you who prefer to stick with your regular ebook dealer bookseller. It will, I hope also be up soon at Wizard’s Tower, and various other indie sites.

Buy early, buy often! And if you prefer the limited edition hardcover, Fairwood Press still has some available!

Meanwhile, BookView Cafe is having a December Sales Event on many of their ebooks, including my own PRACTICAL MEERKAT and the anthology BEYOND GRIMM.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, my cheese food brain and I are going to drink some wine, and stare at the tv, and maybe try to read a book I didn’t write….

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