New (ebook) Release: Dragon Virus

Most of the folk here, if you know me as a writer, know me for my novels.

I also write short fiction. Some of it’s similar to my novels, and some of it…isn’t.

Many years ago, I wrote a story. It was called “End of Days,” and it was, in a phrase, one fucked-up child of a story. And I loved it, because it was so fucked-up, and painful, and true. And because it asked me to do things, writing-wise, and write things, theme-wise, that I’d never done before.

And then, a little while later, with entirely different things in my head, I wrote a story called “Dragons.” And it was only mildly fucked-up, and in a totally different voice and time and setting, and – and they were set in the same world.

And I realized that they were the start and end points of…. call it a story-cycle.

And Dragon Virus came into being.

In 2011, Fairwood Press published it as a limited edition, signed hardcover.

And now, in 2012, BookViewCafe is publishing it as an ebook.

a tragedy in six evolutions / an evolution in six tragedies
Words, even beautiful words, cannot explain what this project means to me.  It was the challenge to me-as-writer, and me-as-human.  It’s the challenge to all of us, to look at our beliefs, our expectations, our presumptions and our prejudices, and our innate, bastard/angel, human impulses.

I won’t say I hope you enjoy it.  I do hope it moves you.

(yes, it will go up on Amazon and B&N, for those who prefer those markets. Just…not quite yet.)

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