Mid-December. Yeah. How’d THAT happen?

Probably won’t make Draft on “Promises to Keep” today, since I have a breakfast meeting and then afternoon plans to see The Hobbit  (yes, I know, but it’s THE HOBBIT. I have to give the first segment a chance, right?).  However, Draft status seems imminent this weekend….

“Alfred knew he sounded like an idiot. He felt like one, too. ‘You’re insane. Never mind about taking me home. I’ll call my wife and deal with the fallout the way I should have two days ago.’”

And so, we slip into mid-December. I’ve been waiting for four things that are still on my Pending List (3 different callbacks and 1 set of contract papers from a small press), but the reality is that odds are nothing will actually happen before January. End-of-year is like Friday… you know if it doesn’t happen NOW, it’s not going to happen for a while. All you can do is sulk be patient.

Plus, my traditional plan is to shut down shop on the 21st and not pick up the workload again until 2 January. The last ten days of the year are for Recovery.

However, there are still Things On The To-Do List for 2012:

1. finish the draft of “Promises to Keep”
2. revise the first Kickstarter “bonus” story and prep for e-release
3. start renovations on the website (relaunch in 2013)
4. Another chunk of work on Unsold Project #1
5. work on the story that’s due in January. Oh, wait – TWO stories that are due in January.
6. get contracts out to new clients

also: make a lot of cookies, go to a few parties, and mail out those last few presents and books….

I got this covered.  More coffee, please?

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