That Was The Lunacon That Was

Post-convention introvert crash: when even picking up the phone to order food delivery is too much interaction with other people.

Due to various programming-related SNAFUs, this Lunacon was…slightly disorganized (programming was only finalized the Thursay before, and many of us didn’t even get our schedule until Friday night or Saturday morning). Plus, attendance was clearly down (a shame, as Lunacon was once one of the top book-focused conventions)

That said, mypanels went well, and were well-attended. I wish I’d been schedule for a reading – I was looking forward to ‘testing’ something new on people – but so it goes.  I also got to tag a lot of people with “meerkat minion” ribbons.  :-D

Oh, and I got to remind people that I’m L.A. Kornetsky, too, and signed a few copies of COLLARED as well as DRAGON JUSTICE. Yay! :-)  Also, there were fresh copies of the Retriever books in the dealer’s room.  It gives my heart warm fuzzies to see STAYING DEAD on the shelves, 10 years later.  I really wish Harlequin would do an omnibus push on that series (or let ME do it, if they’re not interested) but alas….

Meanwhile back at the convention, the renovated “Escher” Hilton* has been redone with a weirdly 1960’s furniture vibe, but the bar and lounge seating was comfortable, and the restaurant provided us with both good food and good service at reasonable hotel prices, so that’s 3 marks UP from previous years. I can’t speak to the rooms, since I was (being under 30 minutes away) day-tripping. Sleeping  in my own bed and having good (non-hotel) coffee in the morning in a definite plus. Yeah, I didn’t get to drink a lot, but that’s a fair trade, IMO. Getting shitfaced hasn’t been my goal in over a decade, anyway.

And now, back to work. Because I’m officially in Can’tSleepDeadlinesWillEatMe mode until June.




*so-called because of the odd architecture that requires you do go down from the lobby to the first floor, and allows you to walk a straight line through the “trans-dimensional corridor” from the third to fifth floors, etc

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