Team Kornetsky Update: the cover for FIXED is here!

Since Amazon got the jump on me, without too much further ado, the cover for FIXED, the second Gin & Tonic mystery….


When someone from the local animal shelter approaches her about finding  grant funds that have gone missing, Ginny Mallard convinces her bartender friend Teddy Tonica to help her investigate once again.

They soon discover that something is disturbing the animals at the shelter at night…and then a dead body shows up.

With the help of Ginny’s Shar-Pei puppy  and Tonica’s tabby cat, this unconventional crime-solving team has to figure out what’s going on before the shelter – and more people – lose everything….

on-sale October 2013.  

Available for pre-order NOW



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Some of you may have noticed a change from the first cover:


Basically, editorial and sales listened to the feedback they were getting (yeah, I know, crazy but it DOES happen) and said “yeah, you’re right, these books aren’t cute, they’ve got more of an edge, and we’re sorry about that Portland/Seattle screw-up in the copy of the first book, so…. we think this fits the series better.”  And I quite agree.  :-)





(I still have my gripes, of course, because we mystery folk are perfectionist on the details. Who can identify what’s itching me about this otherwise lovely cover?)


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