Sometimes, you sort of muddle along and figure out a character as you go.  And sometimes, it hits you like a clue-by-four, right between the eyes.

Working on [project name redacted] yesterday, I took a Tumblr break to rest my brain, and was handed the visual* that will be [character name redacted] for my entire damned life. BOOM.  In that instant – seeing what that character was going through, and how it refracted through the lens of what I’d been working on – I understood things about my character I hadn’t realized I knew until then.


So, y’see, it’s all work-related.  Eventually.  Everything goes into the brain and gets crunched and comes out as Story.  We can’t help it.

*an unusual moment for that character on that show.  So it was in the back of my head but more dormant than not.

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