new book release

Silver in Paper!

It’s Silver on the Road‘s Paperback Release Day!  And I really really want to make some brilliant pun on the silver standard and paper currency, but  I’m sure one of you folk will pick up the slack… meanwhile, I’m just going to kvell. A year ago, I was stressing over the release of a new, …

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Weekend Productivity! And Updates!

Website Updated! Newsletter Going Out! Copies of the Trade Paperback Edition of SILVER ON THE ROAD (with a sample chapter of THE COLD EYE in back) in my Grubby Writer Paws! I’m feeling all writer-y ‘n shit right now. Almost like a book’s about to hit the shelves….

Drink, er, READ up!

The 4th Gin & Tonic mystery,CLAWED, is out today! Which means all 4 Gin & Tonic mysteries are now available for your binging pleasure.. Read Responsibily! (ah, screw that.  Read irresponsibly!  Read wildly, flagrantly, with mad abandon.  Wallow in words!)

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