State of the Meerkat, Weekend Recap

Miserable weather on the way down made me miss my 4pm panel, and the long drive with relevant weather/traffic forced me to leave early and miss my Sunday afternoon panel, but in-between Capclave was great fun.


– meeting many new people, some of whom I knew previously via Twitter/Tumbler, and some I didn’t  (waves at new people)

– excellent panels with full crowds and good questions.

– the Howard and George (and Gardner) Show. “You will die!” (also: Manatee! If you just cringed/laughed, You Were There)

– seeing many old friends I haven’t had a chance to talk to in a while – which led to this 1am photo:

– two fabulous dinners (Peruvian and Italian).

– an excellent Gathering of the Scotch Hounds.

– a nicely attended reading on Sunday morning.

– collecting yet another also-a-contender-not-a-winner certificate, this time for editing the WSFA Small Press-nominated story “Bottled Spirits” by Pamela K. Kinney, for Buzzy Mag (Pamela was up against five friends and one person I haven’t met. I was thinking I should have rooted for the person I haven’t met, just to make it easier…)

And now I have to go back full-fledged into Work Mode until we depart for WFC in a few weeks. I can get All The Things done before then, right?

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