State of the Meerkat, Saturday Edition

The contract for Gin & Tonic #3-#4 arrived in my inbox, and has been gone over. I will say that reading the marked-up pdf on my iPad mini was more enjoyable than trying to wrangle the legal-size paper Simon & Schuster still uses.  Anyway, it reminded me that #3 is due in SEPTEMBER, not October as I had in my mind, so the pace on that’s been picked up a bit.

I’m still knee-deep in reading submissions for Entangled, trying to get back into the editorial mindset of “scan-for-brilliance.”  I know the skill set’s intact, it’s just taking a while to reclaim.  Two projects that were almost-but-not-quite, and one that’s probably-not-sorry.  This is the brutal part of the editorial job, and the one that many people sneer at, but my job here is to find the best stories I think will sell the best, not to make allowances or be gentle.  :-(

Meanwhile, I’m working on the on-spec manuscript, and juggling my two long-term freelance clients, and going through the final stages of production for PROMISES TO KEEP for the kickstarter release.

So yeah… if I’ve been quiet lately, all that would be why.

I still haven’t seen either Iron Man #3 or the new Trek, mainly because I’m a social movie-going creature and nobody’s schedule seems to be syncing up with mine.  *sighs*  But soon.

Coming up:  BEA and the related chaos thereof, and then a brief pause before I’m into the whirlwind of HEART OF BRIAR’s release, and the related book-pimping.  The sightings-and-signings page has been updated, and will continue to be updated on a probably-weekly basis… (so if you have a bookstore or book festival you think I should swing by, let me know!)

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