My Other Office(s)

Most days, I work out of my home office. It’s a nice space – lots of natural light, a comfy chair, easy access to good coffee, hot and cold sleeping kittens. And I don’t have to wear shoes.

But when you work at home, alone, you can go a little batshit after a while, looking at the same four walls (even when you picked the artwork and colors out yourself).

Some days I go to a co-working space, and let the noise of other people rush over me. There’s good coffee there, too, and industrial-strength wifi, and it’s near Chinatown so lunch is never a problem. *g* But sometimes I need a different view. Fresh air. No wifi.


Yep, that’s in New York City.  Really.  We’ve got a LOT of parkland: some of it groomed, some of it not, some of it famous, some of it known only to the locals.  Some of it even has wifi (hello Bryant Park I love you).


And when you’re working there, you can hang out with squirrels (both black and grey), blue jays and robins, fearless sparrows, the occasional possum or a falcon, and a paradox.  Er, a pair of ducks.




Yeah, we’re not all about skyscrapers.  Although we’ve got those too.





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  1. There is an amazing amount of parkland in NYC, if you know where to look. Prospect Park! Central Park! Fort Tryon Park! This Highline park thingy (which I have not yet seen).

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