State of the Meerkat: A Retreat without Retreating

So this was the weekend I had blocked out to do a hard run on SILVER.  Friday afternoon I laid in supplies (ready-to-eat meals and several bottles of wine), updated Anti-Social, and took a declared Twitter-cation for 48 hours.

And then I set to work.

Saturday morning I walked down to the farmer’s market before the predicted rain came down. I actually didn’t need anything, but knowing that it was supposed to rain heavily all weekend, I figured I should stretch my legs when I could. And the first feta-herb scone of the year! (yes, I could learn how to make them myself, but then it wouldn’t be a special treat)

Sunday, when the rain stopped earlier that predicted, I took another long walk, and ran into some girl scouts hawking their wares near the local supermarket.  Thankfully, I’d shoved a $20 in my pocket before I left the house…. and came home with cookies.  Because: writing fuel.

That was it. Otherwise, I was in front of the keyboard, literally sunrise to, well, after sunset. It might not be as glamorous-sounding as a retreat to some pretty beachfront house or mountain loft, but you do what you can with what you’ve got.

The result: Many TBDL notes, almost 10,000 new words, and a totally revamped and rewritten outline later, I can see the hint of a light at the end of the SILVER tunnel.  About a month from here, maybe less.  Looks like we’ll crack100,000 and a bit more, but not the 130,000 I was worried about.  My editor is doubtless sighing in relief, somewhere.

And then I get to turn around and rewrite the entire thing. At least once.

And finish the mystery manuscript, yeah I know. Shhhhhhhh.  We’re getting there.

Other things accomplished:

  • windows cleaned (I ignore them all winter, because: winter) and new mesh ordered to fix the cat-damaged screens.
  • upgraded computer to Mavericks.  Nothing blew up, nobody died, no data lost.  Benefits yet to be seen, but no downside, either.
  • had the super come in to check the bathroom ceiling to confirm that yep, looks like we have a slow leak, and start the process for getting that fixed (which means having the ceiling opened up and replastered, oh JOY).
  • signed off on my taxes and closed out 2013’s financial records

Right about now, I’m feeling a little brain-burnt.  So I’m going to go become one with the sofa, take-out, and the television remote.

See ya in the morning…..

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