Five things make the only post you’ll get from me today….

1.  You know you’re in introvert hibernation mode when the thought of ordering take-away over the phone is overwhelming. “No talking to people! No! Why aren’t you on Seamless or GrubHub?”  I need a “bat signal” so I could turn it on and they’d know to have my gyro ready for me…. (there was a point when I’d walk in the door of my local Greek hole-in-the-wall and they’d call out my order before I said anything. So a bat signal isn’t THAT far off…)

2. This morning, the sky was dark, and I turned away; turned around again and was ambushed by sunrise: a splay of hot pinks and purples that lasted only a minute or two before blue-gray and orange took over.

3.  In related-to-#1 news, I have had baklava and coffee for breakfast. Today will be ALL about the sugar high and ZOOOOMZ.

4.  SILVER ON THE ROAD is really starting to come together for me.  Of course, it’s doing that some 80,000 words in, which means I’ll be turning around and starting the first rewrite with some Significant Work to do on the first half.

(some of which my lovely beta-readers are giving me, with their notes. Dear Lovely Betareaders, I’m sorry for what I made you plow through in section 2…I promise, you’ll see where it all starts to come together at the end…)

5. TAGGED is still being a bit balky, but after three books in the series I can feel the rough spots before I hit them, and know how to fix them when they appear.

(As I said on Twitter earlier this week, writing the first book in a series is the easiest, and the hardest thing to do. Writing the last* book in a series is the hardest…and also the easiest.)

*I don’t know that this will be the last G&T book. But it is the last one currently under contract. Sales and pre-orders could make all the difference on them buying #5….

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