State of the Meerkat, post-Lunacon

Home from Lunacon, which was lovely and I saw many people and failed to see other people, and had good panels, and good conversations, and a surprisingly good signing (hi! to everyone who actually showed up at 7pm on Saturday evening), and of course, because it was Lunacon, Good Scotch.

I also managed to come up with a new idea for a mystery series (which, when run past people, got some raised eyebrows and grabby-hands), and worked my way through a few Book-Issues by talking at other people until the Issues untangled themselves. The people know who they are and how much I appreciate them. :-)

And then I spent Sunday afternoon running errands and coming home and dealing with the Aftermath of Errands, including Repotting All The Plants and Assembling the New Work-Chair.

And Appeasing the Cats.

It was, by the way, Castiel Kitten of Thursday, Spawn of Basement Cat, Menace to Society’s 1st Birthday (Observed) yesterday. He will graciously accept your belated congratulations.


And now – having also recharged both the brain and satiated the Need to Socialize- I shall dive back into the word-making…

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