When we say “the luck of the Irish,” we might want to consider what we say…

Fannish recursive: Orlando Jones’s tumblr just ‘liked’ my tumblr reposting of Orlando Jones’ tweet on Twitter.

Another St. Patrick’s Day, another day I avoid Manhattan and any bar anywhere. Because having a drunk frat boy in a $500 suit puke green beer on me once was enough for a lifetime.

The rental car was duly returned this morning, but in returning it then, I failed to protect the writing-time, and the words suffered for it. 1K new words on Gin & Tonic #4, and the heavy lifting of fixing a broken chapter on Devil’s West #1. It’s progress, and for the day-after-a-convention I suppose it’s decent progress, but I still feel un-productive.  Mornings are when I write the most effectively, and the most successfully.  I need to protect the writing time. *has that engraved on my forearm*

I also wore my editor hat for several hours, doing Things for Buzzy magazine.  I still feel like a non-writing slug.

Also in the day: the apartment is sorted, uncluttered and cleaned for the week, and the new office chair has been assembled and tested, and found Very Nice. We’ll see if it lives up to the “10 hours use” rating or not.

Okay, for the Monday after a convention, I guess it wasn’t so sluggish after all?

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