Something Not Mysterious…

From the fantasy WiP draft, in which our heroine has an encounter with a Jenny Greenteeth, a river sprite, and we have a moment of levity before the storm breaks….

“Relax, human,” the river spirit said, still grinning. “I’m no brownie-man, to begrudge you your place in the court. She uses us as she will, and we take what she gives.”

“And what is she giving you?” Jan asked.

“Entertainment,” Greenteeth said, her slim form dancing around Jan, forcing the human to turn in order to keep the super in sight at all times. “It will not be dull, while she is here. Allies and enemies, plots and plans, whispers and hisses.”

“Stirring the pot?”

“Yesssss…..” Those black eyes sparked with something deep in the pupils, and Jan knew she should be disturbed, maybe even frightened, but suddenly Greenteeth seemed less frightening than, somehow, endearing.

“Jenny. Are you glamouring me?” Jan tried to sound stern, but her voice cracked on the last word.

“Heeeee. Human who smells of kelpie knows better. I don’t have to try, you’re already halfway there.” The Greenteeth leaned forward and pressed her lips to Jan’s, a warm, wet tongue darting out to lick her once, quickly, before the super had danced away again.

“That’s sexual harassment!” Jan yelled after her, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, but she was laughing despite herself.


( from SOUL OF FIRE, Winter 2013)

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