And the “where in the storm is Jim Cantore?” sweepstakes have started….

Frankenstorm update, summarized:

GFS predicts the center passes over NYC; Rhode Island and Boston are all gonna die. ECMWF forecast says landfall in Jersey; NYC and CT shoreline, maybe Rhode Island are all gonna die. National Hurricane Center’s forecast agrees with ECMWF, but suggests maybe we’re all gonna die.

Also: hell yes this is at least partially because of climate change, grow up and deal with facts already, because they’re here.

(and yes, the “all gonna die” comment was tongue in cheek, and yes I am aware of the deaths already reported due to Sandy, there is no need to call out the Tacky Joke police on me. This is called Dealing in the face of Oh Fuck)

Remember, kids: if they send Jim Cantore to your neighborhood, it’s already too late… and guess who was just reported to be in my neighborhood?  Well, ok, he’s somewhere in NYC. That’s still worrying.

At this point, we have no idea how bad it’s going to get, but short of Sandy utterly collapsing, we’re going to get hit with a Significant Storm. Woo.  I’m on a granite hill, and away from the direct coastline, so I’m not horribly worried.  Worst case scenario is probably that we lose power for a bit. Probably.

It’s the waiting that makes you crazy.  But I’m glad for the warning.  Thank you, weather satellites.

Anyway, I went out last night to have dinner with friends, so I’ve had enough people-time to keep me sated for a few days. I’ve got pretty much everything I need here, and a metric load of things to get written, edited, and otherwise beaten into shape, so my plan is to settle in for five days of intense work.  And some baking.  Popovers and cookies are on the agenda for today.

As for other plans… all I can do is hope that the storm blows out before we’re supposed to leave for WFC.  So far, the predictions say all will be well…

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