Someone Loves Me And Wants Me to Survive 2013

I may have mentioned a few times that 2013 is going to get a little… crazy-hectic.  And lo, a sampler box from Grounds For Change did appear at my door, and six beany beauties were revealed….

Will I like any of them enough to wean me away from my workday standard Sierra Nevada Columbian?  Follow along, and we shall see…

First Up:

The color is nice (a sort of caramel brown) and it smells pretty, as one would expect from the description.  So that’s the aesthetics out of the way.  :-)

The body is lighter than I’d expected, and without sugar surprisingly sharp in that first sip.  A touch of sweetener brings out the nut flavors, while the caramel is a bare suggestion on the tongue, mainly in the finish. Very smooth.  I think the emphasis here is on “delicate,” which is enjoyable but probably not what I’m looking for in a breakfast coffee. It could be a very nice afternoon pick-me-up, though.  A keeper, but not a winner.

(I will be going through each sample not quite one a day, but over the next few weeks)

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