Coffee for Change #2

As was mentioned earlier, I have a box of sample beans from Grounds for Change, because clearly someone wants me to survive 2013.

Onward to the second sampler!


A darker brew than #1, it actually looks suspiciously like mocha in the cup. More body – the mouthfeel (after my usual two sugars) is smooth and dark, neither bitter nor sweet, but slightly …sparkling? If it were wine I’d say there was a touch of citrus in the finish, so yeah.

There isn’t much finish to speak of, actually – all the taste is up front, and is gone by the time it reaches the back of my tongue. That may be the only complaint I have with this one.

I reheated the last cup to have with lunch, and the ‘berry’ referenced in the notes was more evident, a deeper, sweeter note to counteract the sparkle. But it’s still all up-front, nothing lingering in the throat.  I actually like it better reheated.  I wonder how it would taste, iced….

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