Some YAY! on SOUL OF FIRE (and some boo, too)

RT has weighed in on SOUL OF FIRE, the October  follow-up to HEART OF BRIAR…

“A battle may have been won, but the war looms and the odds of preventing the upcoming preternatural invasion are not good. The action in Gilman’s riveting follow-up to the excellent Heart of Briar picks up after all-too-human Jan rescued her lover Tyler from the Elves, with help from some supernatural friends. Once again Gilman builds a rich world filled with complex characters whose motivations are varied and not easily defined.”  ♦♦♦♦ (4 stars)

(emphasis mine)

And then they went on and were kinda spoilery, so I’m cutting that bit.  But they liked it, and gave it four stars, so that’s the stuff I need you to know.  :-D


Unfortunately, there’s some bad news, too.  For reasons understood only to my publisher (well, I understand why they did it but I think it was a not-good-decision), SOUL OF FIRE is coming out in trade paperback.  Yes, like all my other books from Luna… except HEART OF BRIAR  Yeah, they changed format halfway through a duology.

I’m sorry.  I hate it when books in a series don’t match on the shelf, too.


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