Shill…shill a song! Er, no, wait….

I’m reminded I’ve not not shilled “Practical Meerkats’ 52 Bits of Useful Info” recently! Oh dear. Bad writer. Shill coming in 3…2…

For the writer in your life (or your own sanity), Practical Meerkat has the Info!  52 Bits of it, in fact. Practical Meerkat’s 52 Bits of Useful Info for Young (and Old) Writers, available at BookViewCafe. Only $2.99! DRM-free! Read on any digital device!

And hell, s’long as we’re shilling BVC don’t forget about ALL the new fiction (and non-fiction) there, for Reasonable Prices, DRM-free. including the anthology BEYOND GRIMM, which contains a story from yours truly….




We now return you to the normally unscheduled mutterings, gleeful scamperings, and whatnot.

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