Don’t make me send Danny after you. You wouldn’t like…actually, you WOULD like that..

And we’re in the second half of the funding period for “Miles to Go” / “Promises to Keep,” the Cosa Nostradamus Kickstarter!

The first Cosa Nostradamus novels were published traditionally. My publisher wanted me to work on the Portals duology next, which was fine by me….But I _really_ wanted to tell Danny’s story, too.  I mean, come on:  a half-faun PI looking for love in all the wrong places… who finds both love and trouble in the VERY wrong place?  And did I mention the storm-seer?  Or the demons?

But these stories only happen if we hit goal in the next 19 days! Are you in? Do I have to make Puppy Eyes at you? Do I have to send Danny over to make Puppy Eyes at you?

(’cause the bastard’s making ’em at me, right now, and he’s getting insistent)

$9 gets you two (2!) novellas.  $15 gets you two novellas, plus another short story.  $40 gets you two novellas AND two stories, plus a micro-story thank you letter.  And so on, more bonuses being added, all the way up to my swiftly-becoming-famous ginger shortbread cookies at the $500 level.

[goal, BTW, is the $ it would take for me to be able to take time out to write and produce these two novellas, incl editing, typesetting, and cover design.]

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