100 + 1 Upgrade Contest Results!

The 100th Backer Contest winner for “Miles to Go” / “Promises to Keep” is…Steelneko!   Congrats on your upgrade to $75 bonus status!

And the Randomly Chosen Winner is…. Rebecca Hb!  She gets upgraded to $20 bonus status.

That was fun.  I may do that again at 150.

Of course, all this depends on us reaching full funding by May 5th.  We’re closing in on the halfway mark, and halfway (ish) to funding.  Nerve-wracking times, nerve-wracking times….

(and Danny is still sitting at his desk, periodically opening his eyes and staring at me.    God, he’s annoying…  I’m doing everything I can, bud.  Go harass some readers, not your poor scribe.)


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