Reading Order for the Devils’ West

For those who asked, and those who were still at the wondering-not-asking stage, my advice on the reading order for the (currently-in-print) books of the Devil’s West:
Yes, you can read GABRIEL’S ROAD without having read the trilogy. I personally would suggest reading it after, for the nuances and questions-answered, but it’s not essential.  Everything you need to know is there.
You can read WEST WINDS’ FOOL before or after or as a pauses in-between any of the books. Reading the stories before will give you more understanding of the Territory -but reading it after may give you jolts of recognition and realization.

I strongly suggest reading the Left Hand trilogy in order (SILVER ON THE ROAD, THE COLD EYE, RED WATERS RISING), but the only essential thing is to read RWR last.  Really.  Trust me on this.

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