Book 2: Curse the Dark

And you think magic is complicated?

Once more Wren Valere’s game plan has taken an unexpected direction.  She’d agreed to a bargain with one super-secret magic-watching outfit to protect her partner and herself on their last job. But now the Silence is trying to wedge them apart.On the one hand, ever since she and Sergei began to talk about their “relationship” things have been tricky. On the other, though . . . Well, no one better try to stand between Wren and Sergei when danger is near!So now they are off to Italy in search of a possessed parchment (or maybe not possessed – all they know is that whoever reads it disappears). Still, when compared to what’s going on at home (lonejacks banding together, a jealous demon, tracking bugs needing fumigation, etc.) maybe disappearing won’t be so bad . . . As if!


“In this suspenseful and quick read [Curse the Dark], Gilman maintains the standard set in the first volume of this series-with witty dialogue and banter between Wren and Sergei and further explorations of their growing relationship. Gilman has managed the nearly impossible here: a cleverly written and well-balanced fantasy with a strong romantic element that doesn’t overpower the main plot.”
— Romantic Times (4 1/2 Stars)