Retrievers #2: Curse the Dark

Welcome to the world of the Cosa Nostradamus, where humans and non-humans co-exist…uneasily.

Wren Valere knows she’s the best. So when she and her partner Sergei are hired to track down a missing – and deadly – parchment, she thinks it’ll be a piece of cake. And getting out of the city, with its rising tensions between human Talent and the fatae, seems like a really good idea.

The problem is, their employer hasn’t told them everything, and the job, taking them from the Italian countryside back to the summer-sweltering streets of New York City, will unleash a terrible magic that cannot be killed, or controlled….

Best or not, Wren’s going to need a miracle to pull this one off.


“In this suspenseful and quick read, Gilman maintains the standard set in the first volume of this series-with witty dialogue and banter between Wren and Sergei and further explorations of their growing relationship. Gilman has managed the nearly impossible here: a cleverly written and well-balanced fantasy with a strong romantic element that doesn’t overpower the main plot.”
                   -Romantic Times (4 1/2 Stars)


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