Proof of Work….

Into the second pass of the draft, where I think “yeah okay, that doesn’t work any more, rip out entire pages, and rewrite everything to be stronger, faster, more likely to leave you going ‘oh my god she didn’t she did!'”

Hopefully, anyway.


“Stop that.”

She looked up at Gabriel, blinking.  “What?”

“You were thinking that you had no idea what to do, bordering on panic, mayhap. That this was beyond your handling.  That from the girl who [redacted for Book 1 spoilers]?”

Gabriel was an excellent card player when he chose to be, and his body gave off very little he did not want known.  But at that moment, he practically shouted derision and disbelief, and Isobel felt her mouth twist into a smile.

“Not alone,” she said.

“And you’re not alone now.  So if you’re done being foolish?” he asked and she huffed at him, but nodded.


(from currently-untitled Devil’s West #2)

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