Tweets from the Last Day of Revisions….

The following occurred over a 9 hour span via @LAGilman



Errands run, coffee ingested, back to the WarRoom I go… #cantsleepdeadlineswilleatme #amwriting

…and I just realized there’s a short story in the PSI universe that wants to be told, covering off-page adventures during #4. hrmmmm.

I will say this: @matrice has the gift of sticking her editorial finger right into the weak spot of my story-walls… (this is a GOOD thing)

@SBlackmoor @Matrice Revisions. Very painful. You go first.

Happiness is: revisions that are humming along, and a bowl of tom kha gai on a chilly winter afternoon….

…this scene is breaking my heart. Oh, poor PUPs….  #amwriting

oh lizard brain, once again you take all my bits and pieces & fold them together into such an elegant solution. #revisions #likeIplannedit

…and that’s a wrap on revisions for DRAGON JUSTICE. One more read-thru for continuity, & back it goes to Madame @Matrice. *falls over*

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