1. I’ve always heard Madame in my head as sort of Katharine Hepburn’s voice – very upper crust, but slightly husky.

  2. I usually use pics cut from magazines or catalogs (I -am- a very visual person), but I don’t do this until I’ve been working with this characters for a while. However, I never see these as exact matches. They’re starting points.

  3. Kerry – depending on my mood, Madame has always been either Rosalind Russell, or Nathan Lane. *g* Or maybe Pauley Perette. Yeah, she’d do nicely.

  4. I don’t generally cast characters from novels, Laura Anne, but on a roleplaying side, I cast player characters and non player characters with equal abandon. It provides a visual hook for both me and the players to do it that way.

  5. I don’t cast my books either, which is why I get incredibly frustrated when people ask me who I’d want to play Character X if ever the series was filmed. They just don’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen on the internet.

    I use pictures of landscapes or objects for visual cues in worldbuilding, but never people. I already know what they sound like, how they think, the way they’d react in a given situation. Their body and face is just the box the character comes in.

  6. Duncan Eagleson

    Since I’m also a visual artist, I tend to see the characters clearly in my mind as I write. In the early stages, I may make sketches, may even start scenes in the form of thumbnail comics pages. Very rarely do I see my characters as looking like an actor or model I’ve seen.

    OTOH, as a reader, I sometimes find I’ve been visualizing a character looking like a particular actor. This happens most often when an author’s depiction of a character is weak. That is, not in the sense that their physical description is sketchy or brief – a minimal physical description coupled with a strong character voice will produce a clear and unique visual image. But with characters who’ve been given weak or generic voices, if they’re more than a walk-on, my brain seems to call someone up from central casting. Of course, that also means that if I end up seeing too many movie stars walking around the pages, I probably won’t bother finishing the book.

    On the other other hand, since I’m something of a movie buff, so if someone asked me who should play one of my characters, I could probably come up with an answer quickly and easily – but I wouldn’t tend to go there on my own.

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