The State of the Meerkat, Saturday Morning edition.


Being in the devil’s debt was a damned uncomfortable thing.

It is entirely possible that I haven’t loved a book this much since writing STAYING DEAD.

(my feelings for THE VINEART WAR were more akin to your first Bad News relationship, where you know you gotta even though everyone’s shaking their heads sadly at you. Less fun, more obsession. Although there’s some of that obsession coming through in this book too. So I may be screwed. In a “regret nothing” sort of way…. ).

And no, this has no pub date, because I’m writing it on spec (as I did with FLESH AND FIRE), and even my agent hasn’t seen more than the early proposal/sample pages yet. I want to have at least 30k before I drop it on him….


First week on the job for Entangled, and I’ve already got three manuscripts on my desk (two for evaluation, one for an edit. I am both filled with glee and thinking whatthefuckwereyouthinking? So: pretty much normal and as expected. :-)


A break in the rain yesterday, and I got to squire some friends visiting from Ireland around the High Line and the West Village. I’d thought about taking them over to the Greenway and the Frying Pan for drinks, after, but decided not wearing them into the ground was a better plan….

and they gave me this!

writers tears

Tomorrow, I get to hit the local crafts fair, and Mother’s Day Brunch (which is also my mom’s Birthday Brunch), so I’m hoping there’s another break in the rain.  But for now, I should hunker down and get to the writing and the editing (and the cleaning of the bathroom, just so you don’t think my life is so terribly glam…)

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