Obey the Voices In Your Head

The thing about “From Whence You Came” is that I never had any intention of writing it.  Master Vineart Bradhai  just a bit of backstory in the trilogy, to explain why there were no longer any sea serpents.  But I couldn’t get him out of my head – the question of what, exactly he had done, and who he had been…

So I did what writers do, I sat down and wrote a quick paragraph, filling in some of the details.  Just for backstory, you understand.

And just like that, he was in my brain.  And he Won’t. Go. Away.

So now I have this story about magicians, monsters, betrayal, and honor…. and not just one but TWO very insistent characters demanding their time.

Because I have time for this?  I have two other novels to write, and freelance, and….

*flails like a flailing thing, then settles down and Obeys the Voices In Her Head*


Click here if you want to join in the fun (or just watch me flail and squee and mutter about characters who won’t shut up).







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