Kickstarter Update: In Which I am Too Gleeful to be Cautious

So I swore I was going to be sensible, and cautious, and not start writing “From Whence You Came” until I had a pretty good idea if this was going to succeed but…. yeah.  Well.  So much for that plan!  Because yesterday the story demanded its share of my writing time.

[sleep?  who needs sleep?]

So to thank you guys who’ve gotten us thisclose to 50% (49!  Over the slower weekend, yet!), here’s a snippet of what you’re going to be getting…


The water’s surface broke, and a blunt-ended muzzle surfaced, whiskers first.  Bradhai clenched the railing, but could not otherwise move as more of the long, thick neck emerged, and the great head – the length of a wagon – rose to eye-level, and turned to look at him.  He could have reached out and touched the nearest whiskers, thick as cable and stinking of salt and dead fish, if he had a mind to.

He most emphatically did not.

“Kill it!”  the captain, behind him a safe distance, if such a thing existed, was shouting madly.  “Someone kill it!”

If it were that easy, they wouldn’t have needed him.


*giggles madly, pours more coffee, goes back to work*


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