A new Lands Vin Story? If you will it, it will be so….

The Vineart War trilogy told the story of Jerzy, who defended the Lands Vin from a threat from without.  But generations before, there had been a threat from below.  It was a passing reference, part of the history of the Lands Vin… but once mentioned, it grew in my head, until I couldn’t not tell the story…

“From Whence You Came”

In The Vineart War, mention is made of Bradhai, the Master Vineart, who generations before had rid the seas of the last of the deadly sea-serpents.  He is known as the greatest of Vinearts, a myth second only to Sin Washer himself. Bradhai was as great and as powerful a Vineart as legend claims.  But there was far more to the story than is told….

the year 438 ASW is a time of prosperity and growth for the Lands Vin….   But trouble is coming to the surface. From deep within the seas, schools of serpents – larger and more fierce than any can remember, are attacking ships that dare venture beyond the shore.  If they are not stopped, all commerce and exploration will cease, and the Lands will falter. The princes, whose strength depends upon commerce, cannot allow this to happen.  They will use any weapon, any defense… any magic.

Any man.


Does this intrigue you?  Does it make you want to read this story?  If so, check out my Kickstarter page for “From Whence You Came,” and help make it happen!


I’m going to go sit in the corner and shiver nervously, now.


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