Small Business Saturday Self-Promo

Today is Small Business Saturday.

I am, technically if not legally, a Small Business (I work out of a NYC apartment space, that qualifies me!). So, should you feel the desire to support me, buying my books would be an excellent thing to do. It would be even MORE excellent if you did it via an independent bookstore like Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego/Los Angeles), Murder by the Book (Portland), Seattle Mystery Shop (Seattle), Posman Books (NYC), Broadway Books (Portland), etc. They all ship, and they all have signed copies of my books on-hand.

If you need, for whatever reason, to shop at a chain store, (or want a specific personalization), then feel free to request a signed bookplate. If you leave your name and address in comments in the next ten days, I can guarantee delivery well before Christmas. Channukah requires a NOW! response)

Also: if you’re doing your holiday shopping, remember your local store or craftspeople!  Money spent locally stay locally, AND employ local people.

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